Thursday, December 10, 2009

Genealogy Ebooks

Getting a fast start in genealogical research is something that most of us never get. There are many guides and books available, in fact so many that it's hard to know which ones to use. To avoid spending money in the beginning on books or courses that may not suit your needs a good way to start is to look for a an eBook that you can download immediately and read it on your computer. Ebooks have some advantages over traditional books: they are cheaper, usually very hands-on and for genealogy they cover the possibilities of Internet in genealogical research.

One such eBook is Chris Clegg's Step-by-Step Genealogy Guide. The book advices you how to get started with your family research and where not to spend money. It also gives answers to questions frequently asked by genealogists. With the 21$ dollar offer and money back guarantee it will probably make you gain the price back quickly.

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